The Founders Committee offers several seminars annually for Founders Award Recipients on topics of particular interest and importance to teenage girls, such as: Preparing for College Interviews, Enhancing Self-Esteem, Coping with Stress during High School, and Developing Decision-Making Skills. The Committee also provides organized service projects which prepare Founders Awardees to become contributing members of their communities.

“I sit at the head of an international organization and I would not be where I am today if it was not for an organization like Emergency Aid. They encouraged us to be confident, to take risks and challenge ourselves.”

Maria Whitman
Founders Award Recipient
Board Member, The Emergency Aid
Managing Partner, ZS Associates

The Emergency Aid played such a meaningful role in Shawna’s high school leadership development. Shawna was selected for early assurance into West Point. Over 16,000 applicants to West Point — and less than 300 females were admitted. At Basic Training for the 1,200 New Cadets, she thrived in the challenges – physically, mentally, academically – and was awarded the Class of 2018 Top New Cadet! What a HUGE HONOR! She then had the honor of leading the 1,200 Cadets on the final march, carrying the Class of 2018 Banner – With Strength We Lead. She continues to thrive. In her first semester she aced her advanced academics, Military Combatives and Military Movement (many Cadets struggle with this intense training) — and she continues to maintain her top status. I share this with you as I know that you would enjoy and feel proud because of your contribution to her growth.”

Shawna Moore
Founders Award Recipient
West Point Class of 2018
Top New Cadet 2015